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Wine Serving Temperatures

Posted on May 06 2016

This may not seem like a contentious issue. 

Whites, roses and sparkling served cold and reds served warm... right?

Well, generally that rule won't let you down but serving temperatures can really change the way a wine is enjoyed. So here is a little table that we hope you find useful.

Wine Style Example wine Serving Temps (c/f) Hours in the Fridge (hrs)
Light, sweet whites muscat 5-10/40-50 4+
Sparkling white champagne, prosecco 6-10/42-50 4
Light aromatic whites riesling, sauvignon blanc 8-12/46-54 2
Medium bodied, dry whites chenin blanc, semillon 10-12/50-54 1.5
Full sweet whites sauternes 8-12/46-54 2
Light reds beaujolais, lambrusco 10-12/50-54 1.5
Full dry whites chardonnay (oaked) 12-16/54-60 1
Medium reds chianti, cotes du Rhone 14-17/57-63 -
Full bodied or tannic reds Rioja, Malbec 15-18/59-65 -


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