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Vinteloper Pinot Noir 2014 - A wonderful expression!

Posted on March 03 2016

Ah, Pinot Noir, you enigma!

No grape is more difficult, capricious, tantalising or more often badly done!

Following the success of 2004 film Sideways, Pinot Noir became the height of fashion – a grape that was previously the preserve of highly prized, and priced, Burgundy.

There is no doubt that good red Burgundy is a formidable thing indeed, however, it is now clear that great Pinot Noir is not the sole preserve of France.

All over the world, wherever cooler climates and altitudes can be found Pinot Noir is being grown.

Vinteloper is not about paying homage to the Old World or trying to do it just as well.

It’s about crafting a beautiful product.

Vinteloper Pinot Noir is small batch, it’s creative, it’s craft.

The grapes are trodden by foot, wild yeasts are used and it remains un-fined and unfiltered so everything it contains comes through to you in the glass.

When you pour this wine into a glass, you have an opportunity to drink nectar.

The perfume - sweet and fruity - is so enticing you won’t be able to wait long. And that is a great thing about Pinot Noir, it is keen to please and you don’t have to sit and swirl your glass while you wait for it to show its best.

This is floral, fruity, spicy, smoky and mineral.

I can’t possibly distil the experience of drinking this wine into a few words. But, take it from me this wine is something you want to try, and I wouldn’t hang around for too long – this is made in very small batches!

You can find this wine here.

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