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The Great Lamb Debate...

Posted on September 09 2016

Tonight, chez H&F, I'll be cooking lamb... it just has to be lamb, it feels like a lamb sort of day.

But I can't decide... there's a whir of lambiness going through my head - chops? no, too brutal. rack? too posh. rump? nope, too utilitarian... so what am I left with?

Shoulder or shank?

Curry or ragu?

Them's the options.

I'll settle this the way I settle most things... by choosing the wine first!

I guess I could come up with a list of 3 wines to suit each dish...

Curry first:

What goes with curry? Well forget most reds... they can't handle the spice. And maybe you'll want something cold anyway. Then what type of white? Well it could be something sweet, to counteract the spices and heat... so

Joh Jos Prum, Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese Riesling 2004... just read Jancis' note... doesn't it make you want to give up for the day and stick a straw in the bottle?

Jancis Robinson gives this 19/20:

"If illegible notes reflect ecstasy, this Auslese must be close to the doors of
paradise. A sublime concoction of aromas and flavours includes apple and
apricots, almonds and marzipan, herbs and green mint, fumy and flinty notes of
minerality, but most important, none of these components overwhelm any of the
others, they all live together in happy harmony. The perfect partnership of
finely poised acidity and expertly harnessed sweetness of fruit make this a
masterpiece of finesse and elegance."

Ok, so the first on the list for Ragu?

Barolo. It has to be Barolo... Ragu is rich, Barolo is high in acid... one cuts across the other.


Barolo, Eugenio Bocchino, La Morra 2009... this is a very typical Barolo, with flavours of cherry and violet, mushroom and truffle... the perfect accompaniment to Ragu.

Curry 1: Ragu 0...just, so far.

Option 2:

Curry and Hambledon Premiere Cuvee English Sparkling Wine - this is fresh and dynamic with a great crisp vivacity... almost like pairing a crisp, cold beer but with a lot more complexity.

Ragu and Champagne Bollinger, La Grande Annee 2005 Rose - this is rich in fruit and has a beautiful creaminess that well compliments the rich, creaminess of a great ragu.

That one is too hard to call... a draw.

Curry 2: Ragu 1

Option 3:

Curry and Sauvignon Blanc Altea, Anthonij Rupert Cape of Good Hope 2015 - aromatic, fresh and zesty... a good foil!

Ragu and Chianti Classico Riserva, Monte Bernardi 2012... this will fit the ragu like a glove... all that sour fruit and dusty tannin, yum.

That one has to go to the Ragu:

Curry 2: Ragu 2

I'm contemplating the sudden death round here... but, then a ding, an email from Lady Hook & Ford... curry it is. 

So, there we have it... Curry and

Joh Jos Prum, Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese Riesling 2004

Off to the butcher I go.

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