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The Storm and the Wine... How to enjoy the thunder!

Posted on June 15 2016

For any of you not living in good ol' Blighty, you may not be aware that we are always incredibly disappointed with the weather.

Cold? Grumble.

Drizzle? Mumble?

Hot? Tops off and lobster pink. (Not us wine drinkers, obviously)

And this year is no different. It is June, and yet it may as well be February! Every day is as disappointing as the last. Of course, in reality we have it pretty good - poor Europe has been flooded, cold and full of frost (poor Burgundy and the Loire!) - but you wouldn't catch us saying that!

It's hard to know whether I fancy a glass of white or red when I get home at the moment... normally as June brings wonderful blue skies I am reaching for something cold and refreshing, but does that really suit the moody greys that are looming down on us?

So, here's what I've been drinking a glass or two of when the weather is nothing to shout about:

  • Hambledon Classic Cuvee - bubbly always cheers me up. I love Champagne and English "Champagne" is now just as good. Sit at the window, stare at the grey and let these bubbles lift you up. Or, better still, get some friends over, ignore the weather and eat a few little tapas whilst going through a few bottles! Yum!
  • Aglianico del Vulture - this is a moody red! Wild and concentrated and mouth filling and delicious. It'll make you feel mightier than those big storm clouds!
  • Chianti Classico Riserva Monte Bernardi - if you want something to make you feel optimistic, the beautiful red cherry of this Chianti will make you feel on top of the world. So what if it's a bit rubbish out there, have a glass of this and go and dance in the rain. Or just stay indoors and have another glass, it's up to you...
  • Nebbiolo, Sandrone - fresh, lingering, full of delicate fruit... this will pick you up, lay you on a cloud and give your taste buds a massage. 

So, weather-gods... storm and rain, hit us with your best... we've got it covered.

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