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Why the Blog Hiatus?

Posted on March 05 2017

There hasn't been a new blog on Hook & Ford for some time. And there is a good reason for that.

The WSET Diploma!

Last year I completed the viticulture/vinification module, fortified wine module and global market of wine coursework and exam. It was an arduous task, along with starting Hook & Ford. 

By December I needed a break, but of course that was impossible with Christmas around the corner. In fact, from October onward I can happily say this had become a real business and required my full time attention. 

I am now in the second year of the Diploma and have my Sparkling Wine and Spirit exams on the same day, the 8th of March. That entails tasting 3 sparklers and writing 3 short essays in an hour, and then the same with Spirits. The breadth of required knowledge is high, but the knowledge used in the exam is quite narrow. That is quite frustrating. 

Once these are out of the way I will be hurtling towards the final task and exam in June - Unit 3. That is, everything in wine that isn't either fortified or sparkling! A very large topic indeed. This will require tasting 12 wines and writing 5 longer essays, all in one day.

So, really, this is a placeholder. Once the Diploma is finished and I, hopefully, end with a good pass, I can concentrate on writing informative and maybe even entertaining blog posts! 

Thank you for visiting, 


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